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    i would like to know a little bit more about your company ,
    i have an invention that has a provisional patent, APP.# 61493591, file date 06//06/2011 ATTY.DOCKET# 20111SKHIP, and i am at the beging of trying to sell my idea. i was wandering if your company buys ideas or can you point in the right direction for me to do so. here is ia little preview of my idea, and thank you for reading this.
    my name is kathy hernandez,
    i am sending you this email in regards to my new idea that i would like for you to look over, in hopes to work with your group in marketing my idea. to tell you a little about it lets start with the main purpose of my idea. the main purpose is to help with childhood obesity. my idea is made to look like a toy to attract the attention of children, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. now childhood obesity is at an astonishing rate of 1 out of every 3 children , and my product is designed to fight the growth of obesity. the name is gymkids, it is a weight bench designed as a toy not only to attract their attention but to make the workout safer to children. adult weight benches are dangerous and could cause harm. my bench has a seat that lifts to store the extras in it , putting them in a proper place instead of all over the place. the weights are hollow to be filled with sand or water according to the child’s size and workout. the add-ons to gymkids are endless, like the treadmill , bicycle , jump rope, exercise bike, dumb bells, ankle weights, stepper, work outfits , and video, and much more. my idea is not only for home use it can be used in hospitals, daycare’s, fitness centers, rehabs, and more. i urge you to look my idea over thoroughly , obesity in children can cause diabetes , cancer, strokes, death, and more. my idea with your help can stop this disease. her is the URL to it i hope you like my idea, and look forward to hearing from you. thank you for your time , kathy hernandez gymkids
    [email protected] 903-527-2101