Is Your Product Unique Enough?

Inventor Story: David Reckseen

David Reckseen’s dogs love chewing on the garden hose, but a standard garden hose is quickly punctured causing a significant amount of water to leak out long before it reaches its destination.  Reckseen thought he could just buy an industrial hose and be done with it, but when he asked at Home Depot, he found out that they had nothing of the sort.  The clerk told him that actually his was a common request, but they didn’t know of an industrial strength hose for the consumer market.  Reckseen searched the market and found out that Home Depot was right — there just wasn’t a product like that available.

Reckseen decided to create his own dog-proof hose and his two dogs destroyed his first 14 prototypes until he found something that worked.  His product, the Great Terrain Armadillo water hose, is galvanized rust-resistant steel-coated rubber with an inner tube that is FDA approved for drinking, plus a kink free design that prevents tangling and knotting.

Consumers instantly understand the appeal of his product and the product has been moving into new markets and making a big splash.  The strength of the hose is wanted by more than just dog owners — construction industries, marines, agriculture and RV camping all have needed a stronger alternative to the standard hose.  The FDA-approved inner tube for drinking appeals to RV campers, organic gardeners and families.  The kink free design appeals to anyone who regularly needs to move a hose.

A significant factor in the Armadillo water hose’s success is that it solves problems that many people know they have: hoses that puncture too easily, knotted and tangled hoses from moving them around, and the risk of disease or infection from drinking out of a standard hose.  When people see the product, they realize it is significantly better than standard hoses and that is solves a number of problems that they might have.  Products need to be unique like this to wow customers and get them to pick them up off the self.  The average retail purchase is only given 2.6 seconds of deliberation and if your product doesn’t scream, “Pick me up, I’m different!”, chances are your product will never have any success.