Welcome to Don Debelak’s One Stop Invention Shop!

I’ve been working with inventors for over 30 years and today, despite the current economic situation, is probably the best time to get into inventing that I’ve ever seen.

Companies are cutting back on research and development, so they aren’t developing new products, but they are also desperately looking for ways to stay out of bankruptcy and grow their market position. This is where you, the inventor, come in. You have the great new idea they’ve been looking for.

For a number of years, I ran another website with a small team, but I’ve felt it is time to offer more to inventors, so I put together this site. This site is a One Stop Shop for inventors, offering them everything they need from the beginning to the end of bringing their products to market. I’ve picked a group of associates from various fields to offer you the expert help you need.

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We are here to help you have the success you have always dreamed of. Now is the time to start!

Don Debelak